Configure Windows Sonarr (2024)

In this Sonarr Configure Windows tutorial. We are going to configure Sonnar so that TV series are downloaded from the newsgroups.

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1Sonnar Media Management

2Sonarr Profiles

3Sonnar Quality instellen

4Sonar Indexers

6Sonarr metadata

7Sonnar add new series

8Sonarr Add Existing Series

Sonnar Media Management

Configure Windows Sonarr (1)

Go to Settings. And then theMedia Managementtab.

Configure Windows Sonarr (2)

Advanced Settings puts you on Shown

Rename Episode is set to Yes.

You might wonder why rename? Well that’s very simple. quite what releases are encrypted. Which gives you strange filenames. So for example “02ffbc012101519975abb1a24015ef13. x264”. And then it becomes a mess and programs such as Kodi and Auto-sub cannot do anything with this. Therefore stick to the scene name as much as possible.

So put it like this.

Standard Episode Format “{Series.Title}. SE{season:00}.{ Episode.Title}{episode:00}{Quality.Full}-{Release.Group}”

Daily Episode Format “{Series Title} -{Air-Date}- {Episode Title} {Quality Full}”

Series Folder Format “{Series Title}”

Season Folder Format “{Series Title}”

Create empty series folders Yes

Download Propers Yes

Analyse video files Yes

Sonarr Profiles

Now we go to the Profiles tab.

Configure Windows Sonarr (3)

Click on a section that you want to start using. And adjust this to your own preference. Above are the settings I use. By hovering over the three indents. Can you adjust the order. What Sonarr should try to download first. At Cutoffyou indicate when Sonnar should stop searching.

Click Savewhen you’re done.

Sonnar Quality instellen

Configure Windows Sonarr (4)

Now we go to the Tablad Quality. By default, the Minuim Quality is 0. I’d like to adjust this one. To slightly higher values. Then some junk is filtered out. Beware! Don’t set it too high. because this can be a problem when you download animation series. Because these kinds of series are often a lot smaller.

As you can see you also need to change the Title here. To stay as close to the Scene name as possible. Change all dashes to dots. And flip 720p and 1080p. So as an example “720.HDTV”. This was “HDTV-720p”

Sonar Indexers

Configure Windows Sonarr (5)

Now we go to the tab indexers. These are sites whose NZB files are downloaded automatically. The more you add, the greater your TV series can be downloaded. See Newznab provider for an overview of Newznab sites. Create an account with some of these Newznab providers. If you did. Then click on the plussign.

Configure Windows Sonarr (6)

At Neznab, click Costum.

Configure Windows Sonarr (7)

Enter the details of the Newznab Website here.

Configure Windows Sonarr (8)

The API key can almost always be found in your account settings. On the NewzNab site. Engels Once that’s done, press Testand Save. Now add all your Newznab sites in this way.

If you have added all your NewzNab sites. Then you must also activate the following Newznab provider below.

SickBeard index

Configure Windows Sonarr (9)


Categories 5030.5040

And the SickBeard Index you can add by adding a Costum Newznab provider. And then copy the above data.

Configure Windows Sonarr (10)

It is best to adopt the above settings. But set RSS Sync interval no lower than 20. Otherwise you will be through your Api requests very quickly. But don’t set too high either because there is a chance that something will be removed in the newsgroups. Before you can download it also increases.

Sonnar Connect

Configure Windows Sonarr (11)

Go to the Connecttab

If you have a media player like me. then you have to enter the data so that your libary is updated with the latest TV series. Do you not have this. Then you can skip these next two steps.

Click on the plus.

Configure Windows Sonarr (12)

These are my settings, but they are usually different for everyone. Click on Testand then Save.

Sonarr metadata

Configure Windows Sonarr (13)

This option is only used if you have a media player. Otherwise you can skip this too. These are my settings for Kodi. Engels This will get covers downloaded so my Kodi looks sexy 😉

Sonnar add new series

Now it’s time to add series.

Configure Windows Sonarr (14)

Go to Series.

Configure Windows Sonarr (15)

Click Add Series

Configure Windows Sonarr (16)

Enter the name of the tv show.

Configure Windows Sonarr (17)

If the desired series is found. Then choose Path Add a different path. Andand specify the location where to save the series. Pay close attention! That you have selected the desired profile, you have adapted or created it yourself.

Sonnar will now look up your series via the Newznab sites you have specified. And then SABnzbd downloads your series and Sonnar puts it away in the correct folder.

Sonarr Add Existing Series

Configure Windows Sonarr (18)

If you already have some series you can add them in Sonnar. You do this by clicking on Import Extisting series On Disk.

Configure Windows Sonarr (19)

Click on the blue folder and select the folder where you have existing series. , and then click the Green checkmark. Your Tv shows are now added.

This was the Configure Sonarr Windows tutorial for Sonnar. Have fun downloading your TV series! If you have any questions, please leave a message. And also see the page Sonarr FAQ most frequently asked questions.

Sonarr Windows tutorial

  1. Sonarr tutorial.
  2. Windows Install Sonarr .
  3. Configure SABnzbd to use Sonarr.
  4. Configure Sonarr Windows.

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Configure Windows Sonarr (2024)


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